Nashville Smile Team Offers Gum Disease Help to Lower Cancer Risk

Most people want to lower their risk of Cancer, especially as they get older, but many don’t realize that gum disease (periodontal disease) is related and that neglecting gum disease could increase your risk of certain cancers, including kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancers. Nashville Smile Team offers prevention and treatment for periodontal disease. By taking good care of your gums you can protect your teeth and various other areas of your health, too.

Gum Disease: More than Tooth Loss

It used to be that the biggest concern with gum disease was tooth loss. Yes, that’s still a concern, a big one, but there are increasing studies pointing to gum disease sufferers being at greater risk for other illnesses and conditions, too. Cancer is one of them. If you are at increased Cancer risk due to heredity, lifestyle factors, etc. it’s wise to consider your gums when you choose to make lifestyle changes to lower your risk. If you are neglecting signs of gum disease (bleeding gums, gum sores, receding gums) or if you haven’t had a gum assessment in some time, you should consider a gum assessment.

At Nashville Smile Team your gums are part of our regular check-ups. And if you have certain risk factors for gum disease and / or have had a gum disease diagnosis we can put you on a gum disease maintenance program that helps you stop this disease from increasing your chance of cancer, of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or the other myriad of risks associated with untreated gum disease.

Even moderate periodontal disease could boost your risk factors in double digit percentages.

Gum Disease Treatment and Prevention at Nashville Smile Team

At Nashville Smile Team, minimally invasive, highly effective, and comfortable periodontal treatment options are a priority. Whether you are someone at risk for cancer, you’ve noticed a bit of blood when you brush your teeth, or you simply want to ensure that your periodontal health isn’t negatively impacting the rest of your health, we would be happy to provide a periodontal assessment.

Dr. Kristin Rushing and Dr. Lee Coulter can help you through personalized dental treatments for gum disease, oral cancer screening, cosmetic dentistry, TMJ, and more. We aren’t into high-pressure tactics to get you to agree to dental procedures but we do want to educate you on the importance of your periodontal health. Contact our Nashville dental office at (615) 455-8775 to book a personalized consultation that takes into account your health and your wishes.

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