Dental Technology

Nashville Smile Team’s Dental Technology: Investing in You, Our Patient

Our Nashville, TN dentists continually invest. They invest in their education, in making their dental office a pleasant and comfortable environment, and they invest in modern dental technology that aims to do several things:

  • Provide safe and effective results
  • Be as minimally invasive as possible
  • Helps our dentists, assistants, and hygienists achieve their goal of giving you a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile.

Here are some of the dental technology areas we’ve invested in at Nashville Smile Team. If you have questions about any treatment options, about our office and bookkeeping, about dental financing, consultations, insurance estimates, or other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brian - patient of Dr. Rushing

“I actually enjoy coming to the dentist these days. Dr. Rushing’s staff feels like family. The up to date technology, skill level and professionalism I am shown are more reasons that I and my family keep coming back.”

Digital X-Rays

Our office is chartless. We embraced technology early on and we have been completely digital since 2009. We use digital x-rays that offer a multitude of benefits over traditional radiography, namely reduced radiation exposure for you as well as speed of processing.

Diagnodent Cavity Detection

This machine painlessly detects cavities much earlier than through traditional methods, which can stop tooth decay before it spreads.

DNA Testing

DNA testing is available to help with periodontal disease screening and treatment.

Metal-Free Fillings and Crowns

We believe that metal-free fillings and crowns look better, function better, and these fillings offer a more conservative approach to being as minimally invasive as possible.

Sirona XG-3D CT for Dental Implants

The Sirona XG-3D CT works exceptionally well for planning with implants dentistry. Our Nashville cosmetic dentists can achieve optimal positioning and streamlined surgical times with this equipment.

Botox and Juvederm

We leverage Botox and Juvederm for TMJ pain but can also use it therapeutically in our office as well.

Oral Cancer Screening

We have equipment that can detect anomalies in the mouth so that we can biopsy and rule out or identify oral cancer early.


Our Dental Office

Our dental office is clean and sterile but it has more of a spa-like feeling and we’ve treated generations of families from grandparents to small kids. We offer neck pillows, sunglasses, blankets, headphones with Pandora radio, and more. And if you’re interested, talk to us about electric toothbrushes, such as Sonicare, as well as other products to take home for your oral hygiene regimen.

Intraoral camera that integrate with our TVs.

Professional camera set up that allows better shade evaluation as well as communication with our cosmetic labs.

Technology and Results That Will Make You Smile!

Above are just some of the ways we’ve either invested I our practice or have upgraded technology and processes for a better experience and outcome for you, our patient. We offer gentle, effective, minimally invasive dentistry that nets fantastic results. See for yourself why our dentists get such positive reviews by booking a consultation with us. Call us at (615) 455-8775 for your appointment.

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