Nashville Smile Team: Gum Disease Facts that Diabetics Need to Know

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is something that causes problems with Diabetes. Conversely, those with Diabetes have a greater risk of gum disease than the average individual. Here at Nashville Smile Team, Dr. Kristin Rushing and Dr. Lee Coulter encourage excellent oral care to avoid tooth decay and gum disease but gum disease impacts about 80% of the population in some way, shape, or form. Have you been taking good care of your gums? If you have Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2), there is even more reason to look after your periodontal health.

Gum disease assessments are important for everyone and they are particularly important for those with Diabetes. Gum disease boosts the risk of diabetes complications. And because diabetes increases oral bacteria those with the disease should pay careful attention to their gums. Unchecked and untreated, it is a dangerous combination!

Periodontal Disease Treatment and Blood Sugar

Gum disease ravages your oral health and it can impact your blood sugar, too. Those who have gum disease can have a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Conversely, those who have Type 1 Diabetes can have difficulty controlling blood sugar as well as controlling the oral bacteria levels in their mouth. Diabetes can cause gum disease and gum disease can make blood sugar levels difficult to manage.

In addition to diabetes, gum disease is linked to elevated heart disease and stroke risk as well as problems with ulcers, chronic respiratory infections, pregnancy complications such as pre-term birth, and other health problems and diseases, such as several types of cancers.

Dr. Kristin Rushing and Dr. Lee Coulter: Periodontal Assessments and Treatment

At our Nashville dental office, we believe in prevention wherever possible so that minimally invasive treatments and potential reversal of gum disease is possible. Regardless of how advanced periodontitis is, we can help offer solutions. For Diabetics, we can put you on a periodontal maintenance schedule. For all patients, we consider your health and medical status when planning ongoing treatment. Book a consultation with us for a gum assessment today.

In addition to periodontal treatments and periodontal maintenance, Nashville Smile Team can help with cosmetic dentistry, TMJ treatment, and more. Contact us for an appointment and we would be happy to show you why we get great reviews as Nashville dentists who care. Contact us for a gum assessment today at (615) 455-8775

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