Halloween Candy Buy Back

“Dentists must just love Halloween, right? Just think of all those cavities they get to fill!”  That is exactly the type of good natured annual ribbing that patients have been directing at their dentists for decades. However in reality there is a nationwide movement of dentists who actually do love Halloween, but for completely different reasons. These are the dentists who buy back candy from their local trick or treaters for $1 dollar per pound and then send the goodies to our troops overseas via Operation Gratitude.

 Dr. Rushing and The Nashville Smile Team are proud to participate in their 6th annual Halloween Candy Buy Back, an event they foresee to continue to grow.  Dr. Rushing will be buying back excess Halloween candy on Monday November 2nd from 2:30 to 5:30 at her office, located at 4809 Trousdale Drive, Nashville, TN 37220.

When the children take their candy to Dr. Rushing, the unopened candy is weighed and the children receive their money and a new toothbrush.

 Children enjoy doing something to support the troops. Even if it’s just a handful of sweet and delicious remembrances of home, the reports from the field confirm that troop morale is boosted. The children can also get involved by writing letters of support to the troops.

Dr. Rushing, and the Nashville Smile Team are determined to own that holiday for all of the right reasons and have fun doing it. “Parents understand the role candy pays in causing cavities, but the excess sugar can also lead to hyperactivity and weight gain.  This is an opportunity for kids to enjoy all of excitement of Halloween and minimize the consequences by reducing the temptation. We are hoping to teach children the importance of moderation as well as proper brushing and flossing routines,” states Dr. Rushing.   Lessening the temptation at home aids in preventing cavities and obesity.  Tennessee ranks third in the nation for pediatric obesity, while in nationwide dental decay is considered one of the most common and preventable infectious disease in children.

The concept of a Buy Back has been embraced nationally. Last year Operation Gratitude celebrated sending its one millionth care package and now they are on the march to the second million.  The Buy Back dentists want to make sure that each and every care package also has a new tooth brush in it.

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