Nashville Dentists Review the Link between Osteoporosis and Your Periodontal Health

If osteoporosis is something you are dealing with you also need to be aware of the fact that your gum health is at increased risk. It’s even possible that osteoporosis medication could elevate your gum disease risk further. An osteoporosis diagnosis is often followed by a gum assessment as bone loss could be present in the jaw. Conversely, if you have had a gum disease diagnosis and been told that your jaw bone is deteriorating you should consider a bone density test as well. Nashville dentists Dr. Rushing and Dr. Coulter can help you with gum disease treatment as well as prevention.

Signs of Gum Disease

Do you have signs of gum / periodontal disease, such as gingivitis, sore gums, gum sores that either don’t heal or that are recurring, or other recent changes in your gums, such as receding gums? Periodontal assessments and treatments could be essential. Many health problems are connected with neglected periodontal disease and this neglect could impact your bones, your blood sugar, your heart, and other elements of your body. There are a number of systemic links and diseases associated with having an ongoing oral infection. At Nashville Smile Team, Dr. Rushing and Dr. Coulter are committed to your smile and we are also committed to ensuring that oral health doesn’t unnecessarily harm your overall health.

Bone Density and Periodontal Disease

At Nashville Smile Team, we believe in prevention as much as possible so that we can avoid invasive treatments wherever we can. Regular oral health check-ups could help save you from toothache and body aches because it could lead to early detection of bone density problems. Bone loss in the mouth is often an early indicator of osteoporosis. Getting diagnosed for periodontal disease in the early stages could mean that you protect your teeth and gums as well as avoid other systemic diseases and health problems, too. And if you’ve recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis it’s wise to notify Dr. Rushing or Dr. Coulter of this fact.

Nashville Smile Team Can Help You Avoid or Stop Gum Disease

We use minimally invasive gum disease treatments to help you get or keep healthy gums. If you are at risk for or have osteoporosis, let us know and we can set up a routine to ensure your teeth and gums are well looked after.

Contact us at our Nashville dentist’s office for a gum assessment, especially if you have systemic risk factors like osteoporosis, heart disease, or diabetes. Call (615) 455-8775 for an assessment. In addition to gum disease assessments and treatment we can offer you help with other areas, such as dental implants, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and more. We will never pressure you about dental procedures and we’re here to educate and to help!

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