Respiratory Infection

How Gum Disease Impacts the Respiratory System

Periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss and a variety of other issues. Chronic respiratory infections, for example, can be linked to gum disease. Read on for information about systemic links to gum disease as well as information about periodontal disease treatment available in Nashville, TN from Doctors Rushing and Coulter at Nashville Smile Team.

Periodontal Disease and Your Lungs

Poor periodontal health has been shown to be linked to COPD and pneumonia. Why? Evidence points to the chronic bacteria and associated inflammation causing havoc with your lungs. A constant infection in the mouth, entering the bloodstream, being inhaled, and putting stress on your immune system can take a toll on your health.

Periodontal disease is also linked to ulcers, osteoporosis, increased heart attack and stroke risk, and other health complications, in addition to causing tooth loss.

The more advanced the gum disease, the more chances associated health problems such as chronic respiratory infections. Early treatment of gum disease offers the best prognosis. If you have repeated lung infections and also have the signs of gum disease, (bleeding gums, discoloration, gum sores, receding gums) they very well could be connected.

Nashville Smile Team: Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

Dr. Coulter and Dr. Rushing can help with prevention of periodontal disease as well as gum disease treatment. With increasing evidence pointed to systemic links like chronic lung problems, risk factors for cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease, plus the risk of tooth loss it is in your best interest to do your best to avoid periodontal disease. If you already have it, treatments are available. In addition to preventative dentistry and periodontal treatment, we can also help with restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental options, too. Nashville Smile Team can help you eliminate the symptoms of periodontal disease and this could lower your risk of many diseases and complications known to be associated with poor gum health. periodontal health. Call (615) 455-8775 to talk about your gum health. If you have regular problems with recurring respiratory infections, be sure to let us know.

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