Anxiety-Free Sedation Dentistry from Nashville Smile Team

If you’re afraid of the dentist, sedation dentistry options can help. There are several options available and at Nashville Smile Team, and Dr. Rushing offers two options to help alleviate your stress and enable you to safely relax during your procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

The quickest and easiest form of sedation is Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. Nitrous is an odorless gas that once inhaled helps relax and relieve anxiety during your visits. You may request it for a cleaning or a more involved procedure. You are awake and can talk through the procedure although you may be so relaxed that you may fall asleep. The best part is that once the procedure is completed the effects wear off so that you can drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Nitrous may also be used with an anti-anxiety medication to provide a deeper level of relaxation. When any type of medication is given a responsible driver must escort the patient. Patients are awake and relaxed throughout treatment and will remember their appointment later.

Oral Conscious Sedation

There are a number of options for sedation dentistry and at Nashville Smile Team we work with oral conscious sedation when patients want an alternative to laughing gas / nitrous oxide. If you prefer IV sedation, we can make referrals to other Nashville dentists who can help.

With oral conscious sedation, you get a moderate level of sedation where you will be safely sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment, as if you were sleeping. When the medication wears off you’ll feel refreshed with little or no memory of what was accomplished. Because you are completely comfortable, Dr. Rushing can perform extensive treatments in as little as one or two visits versus several appointments. This sedation dentistry option involves a small pill taken an hour prior to your dental appointment. You’ll need someone to accompany you to and from our office. By the time you arrive, you will be drowsy. When you arrive in our office, you will be escorted into your room, covered with a thick, warm blanket and placed on a monitor to watch your vital signs.

After you are comfortable, Dr. Rushing and her experienced clinical team will take care of your dental needs. When your sedation dentistry treatment is completed, your companion will return you to your home.

Sedation Dentistry can benefit individuals who wish to complete long treatment in a timely manner as well as those who do not enjoy the sights and sound of a dental appointment. Sedation Dentistry allows individuals to truly relax, and experience comfort during their procedures.

Nucalm – an all natural approach to relaxation

What is Nucalm?  A combination of three discrete therapies used to produce a physiological change. The world’s first and only patented technology for interrupting stress at the midbrain and guiding brain and body function to parasympathetic nervous system dominance.

How does it work?

The first step to all-natural relaxation is blocking out light. Then, the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc delivers electromagnetic frequencies to the body that biochemically help your brain interrupt adrenaline and cortisol release, by mimicking what naturally occurs in your brain right before you fall sleep. Finally, the “music” – the neuroacoustic software delivers frequencies to your brain that guide you to Theta brain wave lengths, which is the restorative “healing” zone. Combining all three components ensures you will achieve deep relaxation and the therapeutic outcome of autonomic nervous system balance every time you use NuCalm.

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