Paying Attention to Gum Health Could Lower Your Risk of Stroke

Most people wouldn’t knowing put themselves at risk of stroke. The whole concept of having a stroke and the potential aftermath (if a person survives) is frightening, and so it’s something most people would go out of their way to avoid. But many of us unknowingly do put ourselves at risk of stroke by neglecting our oral health. Poor gum health is strongly linked to increased risk of stroke and poor oral health is rampant in America today. Nashville Smile Team assesses your gums at every dental check-up. If you have signs of gum disease, we can screen for and then, if present, treat it so that you don’t unnecessarily put yourself at risk for stroke and the many other illnesses and diseases associated with periodontal (gum) disease.

By looking after your oral health and addressing any signs of gum disease early, you can boost your chances of retaining your natural teeth, keeping your smile attractive, and of avoiding systemic diseases that are linked to gum diseases. Those diseases include stroke, heart disease, several types of cancer, chronic respiratory infections, and more.

Periodontitis and Stroke Risk

Four out of five people have some degree of gum disease. As it advances it can become periodontitis and the instance of stroke sufferers having pre-existing periodontitis is high. Gum disease keeps your body in a constant state of fighting infection. That infection causes gum recession, bleeding gums, leads to tooth loss, and along the way pours a continuous stream of toxins into your body. The effects are far-

Minimally Invasive and Comfortable Nashville Dentistry

The sooner we catch gum disease, the better the outcome. Dr. Coulter and Dr. Rushing regularly screen and if gum disease is found, deep cleanings and medications are used as well as a periodontal maintenance plan put into place. Some instances of periodontal disease require in-office surgery or referrals out to a Nashville periodontist. We strive to help educate our patients so that they can keep their natural teeth and keep their smile healthy. In terms of gum disease, prevention is the best approach and your best bet to avoid this destructive and dangerous disease is to regularly see your dentist and follow good oral care habits. We’d love to help you with that. Call our office if you want a gum disease screening

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Dr. Rushing and Dr. Coulter at Nashville Smile team use every available opportunity to help our patients stop any progression of gum disease. For those with special medical circumstances, we also go to additional efforts to ensure patients do all they can to keep the disease at bay through regular periodontal maintenance programs.

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