TMJ and Headaches

Headaches and Migraines? Your TMJ Could be to Blame

Temporomandibular joint disorder, often referred to as TMD or TMJ, can cause a plethora of symptoms. Headaches and migraine headaches are symptoms you might not have connected to your jaw. Tension associated with that jaw pain can radiate and cause debilitating headaches. Many people call them tension headaches, not realizing that the jaw-clenching they’ve been doing has caused radiating pain that hurts all over the head. Treatment for TMJ could eliminate your headaches. A trip to your Nashville dentist with Dr. Rushing  could be the beginning of the end of those TMJ headaches.

TMJ Symptoms:

Jaw clicking, jaw locking, and pain in the ears are common TMJ symptoms. But so are headaches, shoulder pain, neck aches, and upper back pains. The pain in your jaw could be putting everything out of alignment as you clench. The clenching could be the cause of the pain but it could also be due to jaw alignment problems, previous trauma to the mouth, or dental problems that have affected the bite position. A TMJ is the first step in assessing and then addressing this problem.

Nashville Treatments to Overcome TMJ Pain

Our Nashville dental office has a lot of experience in helping patients overcome TMJ pain. Whether you get headaches occasionally or frequently, a TMJ assessment with Dr. Rushing can help shed light on the possible reasons for your headaches and other symptoms. Treatment options can range from customized night guards to Botox injections at the jaw site, and more. Every consultation is personalized and every patient is shown how gentle dentistry can truly be.

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